Students Create “Harry Potter” Classroom in Fantasy Learning Project

DSCN8554More than 100 third-grade students recreated the “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” right in their classrooms. It was part of a magical ‘Fantasy Week’ at Blackridge Elementary where teachers helped students turn into little wizards and engaged them in a fun curriculum centered on everything Harry Potter. All of the teachers and children wore Hogwarts attire. And, thanks to a Riverton High student who hand-made 130 wood wands for the classes, the students had magical powers to solve riddles and find lost Hogwarts artifacts. The week ended with a Harry Potter STEM activity where all four classes engineered their way through Gringotts or helped to build a Quidditch field. Thanks to the third-grade teaching team for putting so much work into a really fun week of fantasy and engaged learning. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page and check out Fox 13 News coverage about this event below.

Fun Fact Friday: STEM Going Strong!

DSCN8553Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs are going strong in Jordan School District thanks to continuing efforts to secure STEM grant monies. This year our STEM team managed to bring in grants totaling $2,325,925! The money allows the District to offer 24 summer math and science courses to students free of charge. The grants also support after-school robotics and programming classes in five of our middle schools. Teachers in the classroom also benefit with professional development and the purchase of STEM supplies. A special thanks to grant writer Rachel Langshall for the work she does in securing these very important grants for our students and teachers.

Students Collect Hundreds of Blankets to Help Homeless in Frigid Weather

IMG_6222Cold winter weather inspired 525 students at Monte Vista Elementary to do something that would help those who are less fortunate or homeless stay warm. In a school-wide project called ‘Warming Hearts,’ classes competed against one another to see who could collect the most blankets for the Road Home and people they serve. Last year the students collected 114 blankets. However, this year in just over a week they brought in more than 400 blankets! On Saturday, students and teacher Alicia Rasmussen will gather at the school to pack up the blankets and deliver them to the Road Home in Salt Lake City. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Winter Weather Notice

safetynotice_iconDear Students, Staff and Patrons,

We have experienced some light overnight snowfall which may have an impact on the morning commute.  Please be careful as you travel to work and school this morning.  With freezing temperatures, walkways may be icy.

Thanks for your support in keeping us all safe.