Admired JSD Educator Honored By KSL NewsRadio Teacher Feature Program

Mr. Yospe receives award from KSL NewsRadioAbe Yospe exemplifies excellence in teaching. So, it is no wonder that he was chosen for the KSL NewsRadio and Zions Bank Teacher Feature campaign to recognize outstanding teachers in Utah.

At an assembly held Monday at Westland Elementary, Abe was presented with a plaque and several gifts to honor his achievements as a teacher. While Abe has moved on to a new role as an intern assistant principal at Riverton High School, most of the students attending the assembly at Westland remember him for his humor, outstanding teaching methods and ability to make all students feel special, while keeping them engaged.

Abe was nominated by Jennifer Carr, whose son Alex was one of his first-grade ALPS students last year. Mr. Yospe also received letters of support from Westland Principal Barbara Yost, fellow Westland teachers Shellie DeHaan and Lori Nickerson, as well as several other parents of former students.

As Mr. Yospe says to his students and their parents, “Once one of ‘my kids’, always one of ‘my kids’!”  Caring for ‘his kids’, even after they have moved on to another grade, shows his dedication to the students and their education.

Congratulations Mr. Yospe !!!!

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Helicopter Pilot Surprises Close Friends and Buddies at Columbia Elementary

Lt. Ryan Close with Isaac and Jack Richardson
Everyone loves a surprise. Especially when a friend you haven’t seen for a long time surprises you at school.

Jack and Isaac Richardson, students at Columbia Elementary, had a huge
surprise Friday when their friend and neighbor, 1st Lt. Ryan Close showed up at school.

Lt. Close is an Apache helicopter pilot for the Utah National Guard. Last year, he and his battalion were called up to active duty and
deployed to Iraq and Kuwait as a part of on-going military operations in those countries.

When Ryan left, Jack and Isaac were very sad. They missed their real-life hero every day. So, when the boy’s parents found out Ryan was coming home, they wanted to surprise Jack and Isaac by having Lt. Close visit Columbia Elementary.

With help from Principal Kathe Riding, fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Petersen, second-grade teacher Miss. Frohlich and Ryan’s fiancé Hannah Hanselman, Lt. Close made a special visit to the school to surprise his little buddies.

Both Jack and Isaac were surprised and happy to see their friend and were especially proud that he came to visit them in their classrooms. Lt. Close spoke to both classes and answered questions from students about flying helicopters, the weather in the Middle East and being a
part of the military.

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Bond Fact Friday: Bringing Building Costs Down

In an effort to use taxpayer dollars in the most efficient way possible, the District conducted numerous stakeholder committee meetings and gathered input from our cities over the past three years. Everyone came together to find cost-saving efficiencies. The result is a 17% reduction in the overall cost of building new schools.

This is important as we propose a $245 million bond to build six new schools in areas of the District that are seeing the most extreme growth. More than 9,250 additional students are expected to enroll in JSD over the next five years.

This video explains the reduction in building costs and answers some frequently asked questions we are getting from patrons about the taxpayer savings.

New Greenhouse at JATC South Brings Fresh Produce to School Lunchrooms

JATC South GreenhouseThe new greenhouse at JATC South is helping students learn about horticulture through Landscape Management and Greenhouse Management courses. In addition, it is helping to bring fresh produce into school cafeterias and children are eating it up. With the fall harvest season upon us, high school students are picking a variety of fresh herbs, carrots, radishes, sweet corn and juicy ripe tomatoes grown in and outside the greenhouse and then they are sent to elementary school cafeterias for children to enjoy as a part of a healthy lunch. In addition, Nutrition Services is working with local farmers to bring fresh produce straight from the field to school in a “Farm to School” program that was just ranked “Best in the Nation” by the USDA.

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